Principal's Message

Speaking on behalf of all G.L.H. Johnson faculty and staff, welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. Our goal is to provide an environment and educational experience that enables all students to become successful members of our community through consistent social and academic development. As a veteran Danville Public School teacher and administrator, I have developed a considerable appreciation for our system, our students, and our community. I have seen it through many changes; though challenges remain, our successes have been many. Through my tenure, I have had the opportunity to learn under the leadership of eleven different administrators, the pleasure to serve as an assistant for three principals, and the enjoyment of teaching and learning with many great educators. As G.L.H. Johnson Principal, I plan to implement my mission and vision with what I have learned from these great community servants.

I recognize that education requires knowledge, experience, participation, communication, and vision. I believe that one of my greatest leadership skills is to see pedagogical changes before or as they happen and implement solution-based - forward-thinking strategies as a means to manage them. I embrace the methods that work, acknowledge those that do not, and possess the courage to change what is necessary. I also realize the need to teach empathy and hone modern research and critical thinking skills so students can experience success not just in the classroom, but in life. As an administrator, I hold our faculty and staff accountable for these same principals.

I am self-reflective and create an atmosphere of trust and acceptance for teachers, students, and their families, resulting in a greater opportunity for student success. I try to understand how my own personal histories and experiences have influenced my value system, and how they may or may not differ from the history and current experiences of my stakeholders. I acknowledge student differences as well as their commonalities, validate their cultural identity in classroom practices and instructional materials, and most importantly, I believe all students can learn and be successful contributors to society.

The G.L.H. Johnson faculty and staff look forward to working with you to make this a stimulating and successful year for all stakeholders. As a building principal, it is a privilege to work with outstanding faculty and staff that possess great enthusiasm for teaching and learning and are dedicated to supporting our students and their families.